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International Journal of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part A (2023)

Stem cell therapy: An emerging hope in regenerative medicine


Jolly Kumari and Deoraj Sharma

In recent years, a new revolutionary giant has developed which gives high hopes, promises and proficient scientific study area is Stem cell therapy. Recent research showing the effective application of stem cell therapies to patients has enriched the hope that such regeneration methods may one day become a remedy for a variety of difficult ailments. In the past few years, clinical trials in which stem cell therapies are involved have raised pretty exponentially. Some of these trials had a notable influence on a number of ailments, such as neurological disorders, pulmonary dysfunctions, diseases related to metabolism and the endocrine system, disorders of reproduction, skin burns, and cardiovascular conditions. Although mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been put to use clinically to treat autoimmune and chronic inflammatory illnesses, concerns about the field of regenerative medicine remain due to their ability to endorse cancer growth and metastasis as well as their overstated therapeutic potential. The most significant obstacle to the development of hESC-based therapeutic medicines is an ethical quandary involving the killing of a human embryo. Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), which were first developed to address this problem, have since been proven to be effective, although there are still lingering concerns regarding their efficacy for use in medicine. The unwanted differentiation and cancerous transformation are significant safety concerns, iPSCs can be employed for human reproductive cloning, however, their limitless differentiation efficiency raises concerns about the possibility of producing genetically altered human embryos and human-animal chimeras. The issue is contentious because some people claim it goes against nature, yet nature herself gives an opportunity that opens a new avenue for people who suffer from untreated ailments and disorders.

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Jolly Kumari and Deoraj Sharma. Stem cell therapy: An emerging hope in regenerative medicine. Int. J. Mol. Biol. Biochem. 2023;5(1):64-70. DOI: 10.33545/26646501.2023.v5.i1a.41
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